Updates, and I’m late for a meeting!

So what’s going on lately? Too many things I tell you! First of all I forgot to post on my blog that we have new business cards for Art Group R.A.N.D.O.M. which I didn’t mention much on my blog because it’s very young and some things still have to be done before public announcement. Currently we’re working on a web page and some other postproduction things with cooperation from our Croatian friends.

I’ve been visiting a lot of production meetings lately because there are so many projects coming up so that is the reason why I haven’t posted many photo updates lately (wouldn’t it be weird if I took photos on the meetings, ha!). The new web TV will be lunching soon and I’m part of it’s team so we have to film so many thing until September. And there’s this cooking show and sport things I’m currently filming. It’s been a busy last weeks. A lot of things are planed for September but I’m moving to Prague and leaving everything behind. I just got an email from young TV station if I would like to start working for them in September, but I can’t. Prague is calling and I answered the call.

Talk to you later, have to run to catch another meeting!

Chinese Proverb: “The rich man plans for tomorrow… The poor man for today.”

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