Back from the seaside or let me say it like this: LET’S GET BACK TO WORK!

Back from the seaside, back to reality. Here you can see some photos from my “time-off”.

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Now the work starts again. I confess that it’s hard to start again after the break but I have so much motivation and strong creative feelings that I just can’t rest! This week I’m going to start the preparation for my new film with the executive producer. We need couple of more actors, we have to find some locations and organize everything from scratch. I smell some interesting days in front of me! I just have to finish the script today so tomorrow the action can start!

——- contact me if you’re interested in cooparation ——-


Maybe I’ll film some other things this week as well (that I put on hold), I will see. Will let you know!

Until then: au revoir!