making of: EMBLEM / day 2

So, I promised yesterday that I will write more about Emblem. What does the word emblem means? An emblem is a pattern that is used to represent an idea, or an individual. An emblem crystallizes in concrete, visual terms some abstraction: a deity, a tribe or nation, a virtue or a vice. An emblem is an object or a representation of an object. We can also say that emblem is identifying badge.

This video is about impact of society and other things that happen to us when we’re young. And this impact (or let we say emblem) is with us all the time – even when we grow up.

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director, camera: Valerie Wolf Gang

scene design, costumes, make up: MarijaLaura

script: Valerie Wolf Gang, MarijaLaura

postproduction: Mus Musculus, Valerie Wolf Gang

cast: Žiga Čamernik, MarijaLaura, Taja

production: R.A.N.D.O.M.